Vertex Transgear RR50 is a fully synthetic oil for truck type manual gearboxes where manufactures like Road Ranger, Eaton Fuller, Rockwell and Spicer are commonly fitted.  Provides the longest drain intervals possible, along with low friction contributing to fuel economy.

Vertex Transgear RR50 is manufactured for use in a wide range of applications such as :

  • Vertex Transgear RR 50 may be used where an SAE 50 or 40 grade oil in manual transmissions has been recommended.
  • Vertex Transgear RR 50 is designed for use in Eaton Road Ranger Transmissions and Rockwell Transmissions

Not Suitable for engines or hypoid differentials.

Vertex Transgear RR50 provides the following benefits :

  • Provides significantly better performance and protection than that offered by a conventional mineral transmission oil.
  • Excellent long term wear protection and high temperature stability.
  • Full synthetic fluid with extended drain benefits for transmissions operating under arduous conditions.
  • Ultra modern anti wear, anti foam, corrosion and rust inhibiting package, Vertex Road Ranger 50 delivers excellent protection even under the most arduous conditions.
  • Compatible with copper or soft alloy bearing metals.
  • Rust Inhibiting and corrosion formulation.
  • Provides excellent protection.

Please consult our Lube Guide for more detailed applications

Product Specifications:
FORD M2C-85B • GMH HN1223 • Mack TO-A Plus • ZF TE-ML 02L • Eaton PS 164 rev 7 • Arvin Meritor 0-81 • International TMS 6816 • SAE 90 (Gear Oil Class) • SAE 50 (Engine Oil Class)