Vertex Super Moly5 EP00 is a custom designed low friction lithium complex moly grease.  It’s high quality paraffinic and polybutene base stocks, combined with the inclusion of an ultra low micron 5% MoS2 additive pack, make this the premium grease in our range.  NLGI 00 semi fluid grease.  Available in 20KG - 55KG - 175KG.

Vertex Super Moly5 EP00 is designed for use in :

  • Vertex Super Moly5 EP00 is a premium high performance heavy duty grease developed for use in a wide range of industrial and mining applications.
  • Vertex Super Moly5 EP2 is designed to be used in any NLGI 00 application. Especially in arduous conditions and harsh environments where a superior water tolerance is required.
  • A customised 5% Molybdenum Disulfide additive package is also added to the formulation of Vertex Super Moly5 EP00 to enhance its shock loading properties.
  • Due to its patented low micron (3 µ) 5% MoS2 additive pack, Vertex Super Moly5 EP00 is recommended for use in heavy-duty bearings served by centralized greasing system and semi-sealed grease-lubricant gearboxes.

Vertex Super Moly5 EP00 provides the following benefits :

  • Vertex Super Moly5 EP00 has an extra ability to prevent scuffing and reduce wear under high load and shock load conditions.
  • Provides excellent resistance to shear and high temperature fluctuations, makes it preferred over other multi-purpose greases.
  • Where water contaminating influences cannot be avoided, even at elevated temperatures, effective lubrication is maintained with Vertex Super Moly5 EP00 because of its excellent resistance to water wash out.
  • Vertex Super Moly5 EP00 provides easy injection and good pumpability (perfectly suited to centralized lubrication systems).

Vertex Super Moly5 EP00 is a Lithium Complex grease.  Always check grease compatibility before using.  Housings or grease ways should be either cleaned or flushed to remove old lubricant.

Please contact Lubricants NZ Technical Department for more detailed information.

Product Specifications:
5% Molybdenum Disulfide • Ultra Low Micron • NLGI 00 • Lithium Complex • Semi Fluid