Vertex Transgear Syn LSD 75W90 is a fully synthetic supreme performance total driveline gear lubricant designed for Limited Slip Differentials of cars, light and heavy duty commercial vehicles operating in the most extreme environments and conditions.  Also suitable for any GL-5 application.  Available in 1L - 5L - 20L - 200L - 1000L IBC.

Vertex Transgear Syn LSD 75W90 is manufactured for use in :

  • All types of hypoïd differential with or without limited-slip system operating under shocks, heavy loads and low revolution speed or moderate load and high revolution speed.
  • Especially recommended for arduous use, and heavily loaded application.
  • Suitable for applications requiring an SAE 90, 75W90, or 80W90 gear lubricant.
  • Not recommended for GL-4 transmission applications.

Vertex Transgear Syn LSD 75W90 provides the following benefits :

  • Contains special oxidation resistant paraffinic base oils combined with a 50% over treat of high performance thermal stable extreme pressure and limited slip additives. This ensures a long service life to transmission drive lines.
  • May also be used as a high performance substitute for SAE 90, 75W90, or 80W90 when used in hypoid and spiral bevel gears.
  • Eliminates noisy and grabbing limited slip differentials.
  • Contains sophisticated EP additives providing excellent wear protection in vehicles operating under severe stress and high temperatures. Far surpasses most international OEM gear manufacturers' specific requirements.
  • Outstanding high temperature and high load performance.
  • Provides the ability to extend drain intervals.
  • Does not require any extra additivez or friction modifiers for all vehicle types.

Vertex Transgear Syn LSD 75W90 has a 50% over treat of high performance thermal stable extreme pressure and limited slip additives. These are formulated to ensure long service life to transmission drive lines.

Please consult our Lube Guide for more detailed applications

Product Specifications:
API GL-5 • API MT-1 • MIL-L-2105D • MIL-L PRF-2105E • MACK GO-J • MACK GO-H