Lubricants NZ

Lubricants NZ is a brand in its own right.  It is our corporate brand, and the company that we take pride in, and is ultimately your supplier.  We view it this way:  Elf, Vertex and Lubmarine are the brands you love and use.  Lubricants NZ is the brand that supplies you the great, people, service, support and ability in a truly professional and relaxed manner.

Lubricants NZ is also the brand that controls all of our related services.  Tribology, consulting and private label branding are all three key areas that are outside of the 3 brands listed above.

Next time you see the Lubricants NZ brand, we hope you are reminded of positive experiences of dealing wth a privately owned NZ company.  Plenty of websites say plenty of things.  We do too, however we also do them.  That is the difference.

For more on the brands we sell, please click on the brands dropdown bar on the website, and select the brand you require.